School Creative
What is School Creative?

School Creative is a programme dedicated to the improvement of life in schools.

We work with senior leaders, teachers and pupils to identify and improve school built environments.

We do not set the agenda, instead we work directly with a school to demonstrate how small but significant changes can have a considerable positive impact on spaces and places.

We believe in people.

We believe that school buildings and their spaces must function well for those who work, learn and operate within them. We have a simple yet effective approach.


We work with a team of pupils, teachers and senior leaders to identify and address spaces in your school which need improving.
You are the client.


Through a process of workshops, we work with you to co-design a plan and make recommendations for improvements.
We are the creatives.


With our support, school places and spaces are transformed with input from the very people who use them, you. This injects new thinking and energy into the school, educates school users about design and participation, and makes people feel more involved in how their school grows and develops.
Together we improve.

Our programme is participative and inclusive.

We work directly with schools, providing educational tools which allow pupils and teachers to be the decision-makers at the heart of the process.

We offer professional development and teaching through inset training, extra and cross-curricular learning and engaging workshops in order to understand how school environments can be improved. We then translate ideas into a clear and well articulated plan. This plan presents a school with a range of different options, which can be commissioned as design projects.

What are we doing?
School Creative Evelyn Grace academy reception signage

New signage and display work at an Academy in Brixton South London.

Why work with us?


We spend 85% of our time inside buildings but how often do we think about improving the spaces we use?